Our mission is to influence business leaders with sound principles while using relationships to restore effectiveness of local small owned businesses within the community.

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July 7th

inFLUence.. Contagious with Success

Guest National Speaker Ron Scott

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Ron Scott is the founding and presiding Bishop of Limitless Church, a global network of ministers and ministries touching the lives of multitudes and impacting their generations. As an Apostle, Bridge Builder, Mentor, and Spiritual Father for nearly two decades, this servant of the Lord is focused on restoring covenant relationships and establishing divine spiritual authority in the Body of Christ. He is a respected man of God, both in the local church setting and on a national and international platform. While in demand as a conference speaker around the world, Bishop Scott has disciplined and regulated his schedule so that he can give quality attention to cultivating his vision to raise up a new generation of leadership to reach their world.

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