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I am going to challenge you right now. Don't be upset because I care about your growth. I know I will step on your toes BUT again your growth can only come with someone telling you the truth. I hear to often that people who want to blog, were blogging at one time or even people who don't see the advantage, that they don't know what to write about when blogging. Now here is me possibly stepping on your toes. You are fearful of growth, the process or you are lazy. OK let me explain this to you and be open.

When you are taking courses, listening to videos, reading books, attending training and anything and everything you need to help you personally grow you will have plenty to talk about. What you go through in the journey in the process is good stuff and there are tons of people out there that are going through the same thing and need to know how you are over coming and what your revelations are. The hard part is sharing that with others. don't worry it will not make you look bad it will make you look human. Personal growth is HUGE and necessary for success in your niche. Honestly you have to press in and conquer the fear. I will not lie it is work but the truth is it's worth it. I find individuals want so much but they don't want to do the work, give up too soon or are not pursing education. Truth is you can find inspiration every where I have my Evernote app where I keep blogging topics and I even have a folder on my desk with pieces of paper on blogging topics. Let the world and everyday conversations inspire you. You will find that you will have topics a mile long. Once you have a topic find a bridge. A bridge is something that will link the topic and provide value for your core audience.

I want you to comment below and tell me why you are having issues when it comes to blogging? If you are doing all these things and have extra knowledge I want to hear what you are doing. Don't be discouraged dive in never give up. 

3 Things you can do to grow

1. Read daily no less than 30 minutes

2. Write daily no less than 30 minutes

3. Listen to audio daily no less than 30 minutes

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Tanya T. Patxot

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Motivational Words


       So I have some motivational words for you. Motivational because I want you to see that event though life is hard and trouble comes YOU are an over comer. I am an average person. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I definitely have not had life easy but I have made the best out of it and now I am a coach, author, speaker and inspire others. While I first thought I would just be added to the sea of coaches I realized my story is what makes me different. My passion is what brings those alike to want to work with me. I guess the key would be to like me huh. 

Let me paint this story for you. August 9th, 2006 beautiful day I run home from my cozy government job to take a pregnancy test as I had just missed my cycle. This was a planned pregnancy between my high school sweet heart and I who was now my husband. Well it was positive. Yes I was having a baby. I get ready to go to church and hubby comes home so I greet him and can hardly stand to hold back the news. I tell him and he cheeses from ear to ear. Feeling such euphoria as I finally got it out. I head to church and he decided to stay home and settle from his long day. Upon my way home with my little 4 year boy I put him to bed and called ...no answer ok well I headed to bed. BOOM BOOM the door awakened me from a deep sleep and I see two officers looking at me ready to tell me what I already knew. It's obvious something happened or they wouldn't be there right. I then find myself spending the rest of my morning looking over the body of my husband, my high school sweetheart. Not too long after I get fired from my job because the young girl I trained would take a less salary to do what I did. So now I stand there in my new home that I bought months ago, no husband, a newborn, my son and no job. That was my moment. I broke and committed to NEVER work for someone a day in my life again but for me. I wanted to give my children the option to actually LIVE life. If you are reading you probably know what I mean because you had your moment as well.

I tried all sorts of at home jobs and businesses and I don't regret it a bit as I found my true inspiration. I found out why I breath now, my purpose. I went through so much but I am still here and you are too because you are reading this. I have doubted myself and have beat myself up because I worked so hard to pour into people yet my followers were limited and support was only if they received something, I have worked hours upon hours in my business and personal growth, I have been a slave to my business I have done it all. I say to you that if you press in and are not moved it will all work together. It's your story, your story forms your why and when you know your why and your why becomes strong enough the HOW takes care of itself. Nothing was for not, you might have taken leaps that have seemed like a failure but take the opportunity to fail forward. Condition your mind to say quitting is NOT an option. Today I challenge you to write down the lessons you have learned from your experience and use each one to write on a blog and share with your followers. Then take those (at lease 7 to 10) and convert it to your first book. Leave your legacy!


Inspiring one post at a time

Tanya T. Patxot

The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

This will take you to another level



        I don't know about you but I devour books. I use alot of audio as well through Audible but as I meet great people they recommend books and I couldn't keep track until a month ago. I found Goodreads.com. This place is awesome and they have a phone app so when someone recommends a read I look it up and put it in my file to read. I can give reviews and more. The best part is I can refer those I mentor and friends to my profile and they can see all I read and we can swap great conversations back and forth and I can recommend books through the app as well. It's brilliant and I love having everything in one place now.

I remember reading John Maxwell some time ago and he said at the age of 18 years he committed to read an hour, write and hour and think and hour. That hit me so deep that I committed to that as well and it's been amazing. I have grown so much, began coaching other and found a greater passion in that, wrote my first book and the list can go on. I reconditioned my mindset and now I have a mind of a visionary and nothing will hold me back not even myself. Yes I said it not even myself I say that because before I began the challenge I was my greatest set back. 

I challenge you to take the Maxwell growth challenge and recondition your mind. Commit to this challenge and watch your life transform because your mind did. You can't change your external until you recondition your internal.

Inspiring one blog at a time

Tanya T Patxot

Post books that helped you grow 

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Ok, so the best part about online business is the freedom and ease to be able to juggle your family and business easier. When I started over 8 years ago online I was super excited about online BUT the downside is that you lose the personal side of things. The relationship building and I want to have that with my followers. I believe that relationship is NUMBER 1 why because you need to know I am human I am a real person with real problems and vision just like you. I have gone through the same things you are going through and here I am 8 years later successfully at home and enjoying life. Here are 10 things to know about me.

1. I am a home body I love being with my family and friends and hanging
2. I am a movie buff 
3. I sing =) yes I have a passion for it
4. I have a relationship and walk with God
5. I like painting and the arts 
6. I want to go on a cruise but afraid since I saw the Titanic haha
7. LOVE to travel and want to see the world
8. When I started a business I started a photography company
9. I am an avid reader
10. I am addicted to learning and schooling to better myself

What about you? What do you like want? Tell me 10 things about you? I know it can make people feel uncomfortable to talk about themselves but you are great and I know that many things about you inspire so many.


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Tanya T. Patxot


The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

To have successful growth in our lives it takes consistent pursuit and acknowledgment of things that will make us better, but I believe true influence is when the heart's purpose is selfless.  Many of us began this journey of becoming a business owner because we wanted to serve and provide a product to others not the motivation of a quick buck and freedom. If your motive is the latter then I ask that you rethink why you are in business or climbing the corporate ladder. In essence it is a hope we as business owners are to lead in the serving. When we chose to open the doors we became a natural leader and all eyes are on us.  There will be many things that come before us that will take our attention away. Know this, that the most valuable thing you can give is your time and expertise. The five keys on how to gain influence from people you are serving will help you excel and separate yourself.

#1 Give your FULL attention

Ok I know this sound funny but seriously focus on being present when you are speaking with someone. Often times with the blessing of technology it can actually be a curse at the same time. As we are speaking with someone we are typing or looking through or phone and just plain old multi-tasking.  I know I immediately feel disrespected when someone does that to me.  Make sure you are paying attention and your eyes are on them. Engage in conversation and don’t be short and rude.

#2 Give expertise

Many times when I called or engage with a business owner (even when I was in corporate America) I noticed that they just agreed with me and took my order. Not many gave their expertise and that is why I contacted them in the first place. We often wait for someone to say I don’t know, or what is your opinion.  Why not give them your expertise and get engaged and involved to show them you care about what they care about. Step out of your comfort zone and give them no more than 3 options.

#3 Build relationship (remember something personal)

I can look back at when I went to stores with my grandmother on the blocks of New York City. What I can remember is such a great warm feeling when I went to the stores. The store owners knew my name and even what I liked. They were engaged and would look at me in my eyes and speak with me. Conversation would even be sparked with my grandmother and they would ask how she was and follow-up on her health or an event they spoke about in previous conversations.  Building relationships and learning about your clients life will not only give them a great feeling but will also help you know what’s best for them. I remember when I had my photography business I would write down things in their lives and even send cards (pre send through send out cards or paperless post); emails or calls on dates like graduation for their children etc. take an extra step.

#4 No Promises

Have you ever heard the phrase under promise over deliver? Well that is soooo true. We get excited as we speak and take order or help and we over promise. We can even just be desperate to get the sale as our family has to eat. We build this expectation or take on a job that’s not in our expertise and then we dig our own doom.  Be honest and simply tell them you are not able to perform whatever task or in the amount of time. Many clients will still come back or use your services because they appreciate you honesty.

#5 Follow-up

So this is huge. Follow up to ensure everything went smoothly and even ask how you can do better next time. So many want to improve but they fail to simply ask their guests who know best. Send a card through send out cards or paperless post. Send an email with a survey or call them.  Whatever you decide to do put your own special touch and branding on it.

Activating inspiration one post at a time

Tanya T Patxot


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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

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